Crossing the Alps from Austria by Hot Air Balloon

What do you give somebody who has everything – a Hot Air Baloon ride across the Alps creating an Adventure of a Lifetime! A 25th Wedding Anniversary Adventure!

Knowing our customer, helped us to suggest, discuss and arrange a Hot Air Baloon Ride that represented a true adventure of a lifetime for our couple. Each was presented with a voucher to participate in a crossing of the Alps by Hot Air Balloon. It is one of those ideas that you either love or hate; both George and Elisabeth, being aviatiors, were thrilled with the idea. Doing this while they still can, while they are still fit and able was a high point of discussion.

To cross the Alps in a Hot Air Balloon is not only an extraordinary undertaking, but all aspects of arranging this also have to come together. The weather has to be just right; timing is from November to March. During that period only ten or so journeys are possible, which is why originally only a voucher can be bought. A good bit of flexibility is required and the ability to drop everything when the call comes to cross the Alps. There are also quite a few details to be agreed.

We only know 48 hours in advance, sometimes less, if a Crossing is going to happen. The conditions have to be just right and unless all criteria are met, the event can still be postponed while standing in front of the Balloon. Safety first.

All things considered, there are a lot of last minute logistics. The departure site is not a particular place; it is an area. Landing in Italy or Slovenia depends on the wind direction. We put all our stepping stones in place to make it happen, from return flights, accommodation and local transfers to coordination of ground arrangements in Austria and the other side of the Alps.

Elisabeth wished to stay a couple more nights once the crossing was completed to celebrate the event and make this a memorable moment. A total of two nights were added in Italy and celebrated with good food and stylish accommodation before the return flights brought this once in a lifetime adventure to an end.

George and Elisabeth have been back many times to participate in the local Balloon Festival. They have enjoyed many night flights, the sight of bright balloons contrasting with the darkness of the night and the white snow on the mountains which continues to fascinate.

– Total cost for both: €4580,- (Cost for Balloon alone is €3200)
– Included were flights to Austria and back from Italy. Total of three nights accommodation, local ground transportation, breakfast, taxes and fees.