Icebergs and Humpback Whales

Canada summer trip, including Newfoundland to see Icebergs!

Tanya, Peter and their two teenage kids were looking for a summer holiday with a twist! All four of them enjoy nature programs and the great outdoors; the boys have a keen interest in climate change and the environment. We helped them travel sustainably through Europe many times; this time, the family decided to go longhaul. Together we made it more sustainable, reducing their carbon footprint by planting trees at designated locations around Ireland.

At the beginning of the summer holidays, in the middle of Iceberg & humpback whale season, the plan was to travel to Canada and combine the experience with a visit to Newfoundland to see Icebergs. The family always preferred independent travel arrangements and wanted us to create a travel experience that they could cherish as a family for the rest of their lives.

Dates: 12 days Canada in late June plus five days to explore the island of Newfoundland. Air Canada operates direct flights from several airports, Montreal to St. John´s nonstop flight worked out perfectly. The return flight was from St. John´s to Toronto to connect with their flight back to Europe.

Arrival by taxi was mid-afternoon leaving plenty of time to settle in and go exploring. The main objective was Iceberg watching – With a 10,000-year history, UNESCO world heritage sites, deep fjords, majestic icebergs and an abundance of wildlife, Newfoundland was the perfect place to end this deep dive into nature.

The base was St. John´s, staying in a hotel with easy access to the downtown area. The first day after arrival was all about Icebergs. We arranged an up-close and personal boat trip from the doorstep to the heart of Iceberg Alley. They saw plenty of bergs and had a great time watching the giants float by.

The following morning was spent discovering the water side of St. John by sea kayak, watching out for humpback whales. It was high season for Iceberg and humpback whale spotting.

This was a high energy vacation for a high energy family, they just wanted to explore and be active but the last day was planned as a relaxing, chill out and reflect on the entire experience, kind a day. Tanya and her family enjoyed their Canada trip immensely, the Newfoundland part was exceptional and well worth the little extra effort to get there.


Total cost per person for Newfoundland: €558,-

Included were flights from Montreal to St. John´s Airport and back to Toronto. A total of four nights
accommodation, airport return taxi, iceberg and humpback whale tour, taxes and local fees.