How Kilura Works

Kilura is a Travel Adventure Experience company. We are not a travel agency nor a tour operator. We are a Travel Advisor. We search, we find, we unearth, we organise, we connect the right dots. We plan, create and arrange all aspects of customised journeys from the big picture (why and where) to essential details like accommodation, transfers and guides. We include crucial details like food, activities, permits and all those tiny small print issues.

Our focus is on Destination Choices, identifying together with you where and why you wish to travel in a particular style, way, theme and occasion. What makes us different is that we create trips together with you, using ingredients that we have unearthed ourselves or along with other like-minded travel professionals. We are not selling someone else´s journey, we form our own opinions and work with whomever we think is best suited to the job.

Shorthaul within Europe; people tend to book their own flights, no need to turn back the time on that one. Usually, our booking responsibility begins at the destination upon arrival. If however, you require assistance, we can book the flights on your behalf but with your credit card and directly with the airline. The same applies to Longhaul, international flights, mostly we take over the entire process.

To ensure transparency, no travel package costs or hidden charges are applied. In some circumstances, it makes sense to put local flights, excursions and special events together, coordinating these with local guides and service providers. These costs are then billed and payable as they happen. We do get a commission from some suppliers but not from all, e.g. airlines, transfer companies and restaurants.


Steps in the Kilura Journey

  • Discover our website, read and understand how we work and operate

  • Explore your personal journey by completing the tasks and answering the questions

  • Register your interest and submit your preferences

  • Choose a time and day that suits you to transform your choices into values and motives during a 20 to 30-minute conversation. We get to know each other.

  • Within 48 hours we present you our summary and achievements so far.

  • Take your time to consider the outcome of our combined effort

  • Decide if this your why!

  • Sometimes there is plenty of time, sometimes no time at all to get you what you want.

  • Once you decide we embark on your next adventure together, we require a deposit. Check out our cost section to find out more.

  • How long does it take to plan a trip? How long is a piece of string? Twice half its length some would say. It depends on a variety of factors from complexity and availability to urgency and local conditions

  • Flexibility is vital on our path to Travel Experiences and communication is crucial. If you need additional information or require particular details, please ask.

Taking the next steps to hidden benefits...

The Benefits of Proper Travel Insurance

It is essential to have travel insurance and to highlight the importance we have our insurance waiver which needs your signature in all cases. We are not insurance brokers but acknowledge the fact that travelling without insurance is too great a risk. Hover here or click the image to find out more.

Where DOGTAG comes in!

If you have your own or don´t want to purchase travel insurance through us, you only need to sign the waiver. Do check out the travel insurance page; we believe it is one of the best available offers on the market and includes your own Dogtag.

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What is Transformational Travel?

Being part of the www.Transformational.Travel movement is very important to us. It combines all the things we are and omits what we are not, which sets us apart from traditional travel companies.

Transformational Travel (or TT) is any travel experience that empowers people to cause meaningful, lasting change in their lives. We have found from personal experience (and a little research) that when we leave home and set out on our version of the Hero's Journey, there are often four critical parts to a genuinely life-altering adventure


Do you know what it means to be a H.E.R.O.?

Click here and we will show you!
Or click the image to go to the Transformational Travel Council website!


H | Travelling with HEART, Courage, love, humility, compassion and empathy for self and others
E | Seeking ENGAGEMENT with people, places, cultures and experiences
R | Having the RESOLVE to work through the challenges that every journey provides
O | Leaving your heart, mind and soul OPEN to the unknown within every journey