Green Travel

What does “Green/Eco Travel” actually mean?

How can you travel "Green" and lessen your impact? How do you recognise if your choices of “Green Travel” are "Green" or just “Greenwashed”?

Sustainable travel (a.k.a. Ecotourism) is all about making simple choices to lessen your negative impact in a given destination. Individually, each one of these choices makes only a small difference in the big picture. But collectively, becoming more conscious about these little things can have a substantial cumulative impact.

Booking non-stop flights whenever you can; takeoffs and landings create most of an airplane’s carbon emissions. Try tall ship sailing out of Ireland instead of cruising, an unforgettable experience! Consider flying from Ireland to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris or Madrid and from there we can create your travel adventure to some of the most remote locations in Europe by train and coach. We assist in booking train journeys and arranging coach reservations in Europe and around the world.

We have taken an in-depth look at what Green Travel is and why it matters. We can provide an extensive array of easy tips designed to help you travel more responsibly and sustainably. Please connect with us to find out more.
Our friends from “Inspiring Places” produced a documentary that showcases a successful approach on how sustainable travel can be achieved. To be inspired, watch the video. (12:58 minutes).

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